Plant Categories

We believe that people have an inner plant and that it can be a powerful tool in order to understand oneself and relate to our environment. As a part of our inner plant explorations we created a plant personality test that could indicate which of the four plant category might be fitting to your personality.

The plant categories are based on information about the actual characteristics of the four biggest categories of land plants (embryophyta). Which consist of one non-vascular group; mosses (bryophyta) and three groups of vascular plants; ferns (polypodiophyta), conifers (pinophyta) and flowering plants (magnoliophyta).

The categories are meant to engage with our ability to use metaphors for self reflections. Engaging with imagery and symbols that can hold a more multilayered meaning then a direct description of peronality traits. A discription of each category can be found bellow︎︎︎


The moss has a soft presence, it is unafraid to take its time in accumulating  to new situations. The moss is an entrepreneur and good at finding opportunities for growth in unexpected places. It has strong spongelike properties, which make it able accumulate water, nutrition and other things found in its surroundings. The moss is strong, it can withstand difficult situations, drought and flood, still it is vulnerable to direct aggression.

The moss is a communal plant, they lack a root system so in order to hold their ground they support one another. But they do not only support their own kind but break ground so that others can follow in their plantsteps. Their sensitivity towards the environment make them a good indcator for toxicity. Everyone should have moss in their lives.


Ferns can grow in different situations, they have a tendency to lean on other plants, but they have the ability to stand on their own. Ferns can therefore both be in the foreground and background. The fern needs to be aware of his roots so he won't be too dependant on those standing next to it.

The fern is a good colleague. Strong intuition and the unexpected are the strengths of the fern. Take advantage of the daylight to shine and make your voice heard. Because even if the fern is shade tolerant, it needs light once in a while.

Flowering Plant

The flower is the most versatile plant category and includes both a great birch tree and a small vibrating peace lily. The flowers nourish their surroundings and play an important part in the life of other species.

The flowers stand out in their unique and beautiful way. It flows with the wind, therefore, rooting is especially  important for flowers (could help to walk barefoot once a day).


The conifer has a firm standing, with strong roots that provide a sense of security. It stands on its own and gets things done. Conifers need to be aware of their surroundings as they need space for their strong roots to grow. The conifer needs to compete for space and therefore it is important to focus on ability for coexistence with other plants. Though there are not many species of conifers, it serves an enormously important role within ecosystems and contributes to the growth of a number of other plants. Conifers opperate without much flair.