Exercise nr. 7
Jul. 2020

Ásmundasalur Gallery, Reykjavík, Iceland & Online

124 tests completed on site
3017 tests completed online*

*15. June 2021
The Plant Personalities are built on the four major categories of plants: conifer, moss, fern and flowering plant. The test was built to initiate a relationship with plants as a part of a human identity. We believe that by identifying with plants can offer an understanding of oneself and promote sympathy towards plants and their environment.

The test was originally built for an onsite setting where plant curious people would take the test at a testing station and then get an analysis right after. It was then adopted for an online setting.

More information about plant categories.

This exercise was developed for a exhibition titled Minisophy, curated by Katrín Ólína Pétursdóttir, designer & Sigríður Þorgeirsdóttir, philosopher.

About the exhibition:
Minisophy combines science, arts, design, technology, society/environment and communications. Minisophy is miniature philosophy of little things. All things can have a philosophical dimension, regardless of how insignificant or mundane they may seem at first sight. It is possible to minisophize about anything that affects or touches us. We can all be minisophers.