Exercise nr. 19
March 2021

Álftanes, Iceland.

Participants: 2
Nutrition is an essential part of life, this extends to all forms of life. Eating plants might seem as a counterintuitive element of plant becoming but is in fact essential. Death and transformation is a key component of plant life. Absorbing energy in one place and releasing it in another. In this exercise we try to focus on conscious consumption of nutrients, taking our time and contemplating on the journey of our meal and it’s future - nourishing other life forms in a continuous cycle. A shortstop in our bodies before heading to the next destination.

By giving eating more space, time and thought we can alter its effect on us. The placebo effect is often treated as a fluke, a weird phenomena that serves as a baseline for the “real” effect of things. But the placebo is just as real - and serves as a reminder of the power of intention. By giving the world we consume a role or a purpose - it can heal us and nurture beyond its physical components - a piece of materialized resonance running through our bodies. Promoting a meaningful connection with the world through the mouth and stomach.

Props and Costumes
A series of ceramic pieces were developed as part of this exercise. They are intended to deepen this moment, playing a part in the materialized resonance. Each piece represents the four plant categories. The costumes have a similar intention - deepening the moment.

The costumes used where originally made for ex. 13 Plant Portraits I.

This exercise played a role in shaping ex. 23 a Guided Tour.