With continued acceleration of our modern lives the need for energy and material grows, this has led to immense stress on the ecology that we humans depend on. It also seems to negatively impact our contentment for the world. For German sociologist and political scientist Hartmut Rosa, the problem lies in our focusing on the content of the world, rather than our relationship with the world. Every one of us has something that, when we connect to it, opens us to a more expansive and wonder-filled relationship with the world. This is resonance. Immanuel Kant called it the sublime. Timothy Morton calls it ambience. Many other thinkers across many cultures have called it many things. Everyone has their own unique thing that gives them the experience of resonance, but often it can lie far outside the conventional activities that fill our pre-conditioned lives. For many people spending time in nature is an essential part of connecting to the world, some call it fishingor hunting, others might call it hiking but most of these activities promote moments of resonance.

Based on this ideology we propose that plant perspectives could be that something - offering an opportunity to relate to the world in a way that is less dependent on material extraction and energy. A political act that embraces joy and comfort through sympathy and care - resonating with the world.