About the Plant Becoming Project

The Plant Becoming Project is an ongoing investigation, speculating on the potential of utilizing scenic and experiential design in combination with dramaturgy and performance in order to promote plant perspectives.

Plant Perspectives
A mindset where plants provide opportunities for learning and caring. Promoting a more expansive and wonder-filled relationship with the world through inner plant exploration and exercises.

Aims & Goals
We often reflect on ourselves when confronted with beauty in nature. These moments are usually few and we rarely give ourselves space to engage. We hope that by improving the connection with the inner plant, we enable participants to experience such moments more often.

The beauty of the dandelion is accessible and it is unnecessary to travel far beyond the city limits to get in touch.

This project believes that moments of resonance play a role in developing Plant Perspectives. Promoting self reflection and empathy towards our environment. The ultimate goal would be to solve global warming and existential crisis via plant becoming practises.