Exercise nr. 14
Nov. 2020
Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Participants: 1
Exploring our relationship with plants by replacing the human with an indoor plant in the cityscape. The photos show everyday situation that are often fleeting and insignificant. Still in these moments a lot can be happening within:

  1. Waiting for a bus after a breakup
  2. Sitting on a bench reflecting on parenthood
  3. Buying groceries whilst going through midlife crisis
  4. Dealing with anger management on a scooter
  5. Crossing a street on a monday

In these moments it could be helpful to relate to plants, asking: What would a plant do? How would a plant deal with anger?
These thought exercises could be helpful in dealing with the everyday, further explored in exercise nr. 15 & 16.

By proposing that all humans have an inner plant we believe that this will lead to a more sympathetic relationship with plants and nature. This experiment was an attempt at exploring the visual components of plant perspectives.