Exercise nr. 1-6
  • Rooting
  • Watering
  • Photosynthesis
  • Repotting
  • Audio Tour
  • Fertilisation

June - August 2020

Downtown Central Park, Reykjavík, Iceland

42 at opening ceremony

375 finished audio tour

15. June 2021

The exercise stations
Where practitioners get the opportunity to grow their inner plant, each station represents a vital component of inner plant growth. It is located at the heart of the Reykjavík downtown area. It’s goal is to allow city dwellers to connect to the inner plant in the context of the city’s ecosystem. It includes four stations and a total of six exercises:

  1. Rooting - a bench with a soil-bed where the user can sit down and lay their feet into the soil and connect to the environment. For those interested a rooting meditation .
  2. Watering - a raised water collecting unit that drips water. The user can place themselves underneath the unit and have water drip on their heads.
  3. Photosynthesis - tilted benches ideal for collecting sunlight. Where the user can lean back and enjoy the energy beaming from the sun.
  4. Repotting - a series of three holes of different circumference where users can fit themselves in order to estimate the space needed for growth. Users are encouraged to try out different poses.

Audio Tour & Instructions
Each station plays an important part in the relational planting process. When you arrive at the Plant Becoming Station you can call +354 53 PLANT and get audio guidance through the journey alongside the visual instructions available at each station.

The last part is fertilisation. As a user has finished the growth cycle at the station they should be ready for new adventures/ideas. If you don’t have one available, you can have ideas in different categories whispered to you. The fertilisation segments are bilingual English/Icelandic.

Fertilisation categories:
  1.  Entrepreneurship and Finance
  2.  Community Service
  3.  Travelling

In order to ensure participation as well as the perceived reliability of the installation, all of the constructed items used materials used by the city as well as color scheme. It mostly uses two types of materials: a Ø 6 cm steel pipe for support and 2 by 6“ (38 x 140 mm) pine wood for sitting and soilbeds. This also ensured durability and ease of replacing or fixing the structures.

This project was founded by the City of Reykjavík as part of a downtown activation initiative called Squares in Waiting (Torg í biðstöðu) 2020. Since then the city renewed the agreement for 2021 with additional funding for maintenance.